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Events & Talks 08.10.2020

The Product of Theseus: Where are you going?

At the NI Developer Conference, Heather McNamee conducts a thought-experiment to create a clear vision of why your product exists, where it’s going, and for what audience.

Open Strategy Tools & Templates Events & Talks 14.03.2020

Value Mapping: Building understanding, communicating the benefits of what you do

In this keynote address, Jeffrey A. McGuire talks about how to build and use the OSP Value Map.

Hot air balloons over a desert landscape in a clear blue sky
Events & Talks Authentic Communication 14.03.2020

Trust: Ten ways to build better connections

In this keynote address, Tracey Evans talks about her passion, trust, and how it can built better business and better communities.

Authentic Communication Events & Talks 20.03.2019

Better Communications to Bridge the Tech-Business Gap

The “Tech/Business Gap” is what we call the misunderstandings between the people building a technical product and the people who need to sell it.

Three OSP BS Bingo Cards on a table
Authentic Communication Events & Talks 31.10.2018

Words Matter: Battling Buzzword Bingo with smart (content) strategy and execution

Developers and marketers don’t speak the same language. At T3Con, we present the framework we use to help real-world technology-organisation communicate, connect, and grow.

DevRel Events & Talks 14.06.2018

Marketing your project to increase adoption and grow community

Through the lens of technical communication, jam and Tracy look at marketing from an open source perspective and consider how you can apply well established techniques to help your project and community thrive.

Open Strategy DevRel Events & Talks 09.06.2018

"Biz v Devs" - A story of cross-cultural communication

In this keynote address at DrupalCamp Poland, jam talks about how developer teams and business teams don’t always understand each other.

Events & Talks Open Strategy 11.05.2018

Focusing on a Market for Joomla! ... but which one(s)?

In this talk, jam explores practical approaches that address the intersection of open source community and delivering business value.

Marketing your FOSS open source project to increase contribution
DevRel Events & Talks 16.03.2018

Marketing your open source project to increase contribution

Heather McNamee provides practical takeaways to help you reach the right audience and open up productive lines of communication with your project’s users and community members.