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Accurate and compelling content is all about putting the right words in the right order :-)

Enablement Services

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What if I need a little help?

We all get stuck! If you’re happy to contribute content, but need help getting started, finding topics, or refining your writing, let us unstick you! OSP provides training, workshops, content reviews, and writing resources to boost the quality of your content. Sharpen your messaging and connect with a greater number of potential clients, customers, and partners. 

At Open Strategy Partners, we trust process over creativity. Our structures and templates mean our writers and editors never have to ask, "What comes next?" In our workshops and materials, we’ll share with you our tips and tricks and help you become a more consistent, expressive, convincing writer.

Never face writer’s block again, ask us how!

Workshops: Write Smarter, Work Smarter

Dedicated practice is essential to improving your writing. OSP’s coaching, exercises, Q&A, and feedback will help you produce compelling content in a matter of hours, and keep improving over time. Our workshops include: 

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Content Reviews & Coaching

Content reviews refine your message.

Disorganized content creates muddled messaging. Once we understand your target audience, OSP provides content plans and reviews of your existing web project to help you sharpen your communication. We can:

  • Provide content reviews on specific blog posts, case studies, and product communications.
  • Audit your current web project and prioritize pages for reorganization or rewrites.
  • Develop a content plan and pool of ideas on a quarterly basis.

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Training, Feedback, and Management

Teaching, Training, and Tips

We don’t offer any services we wouldn’t use ourselves. Our training, curriculum, and feedback processes are the result of years of internal practice and refinement at OSP. We know we can get you there faster than the time it took us to work it all out! We can: 

  • Train team your members how to edit effectively using OSP’s editing methodology and codes.
  • Manage and support your Content & Marketing sprints. 
  • Teach your team members using OSP’s writer curriculum.

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Custom Writing Resources for your Organization

Enshrine your intuitions in writing

Marketers, writers, and editors love to debate style and word choice questions — but they shouldn’t slow you down. Once you’ve decided on a given spelling, tone, philosophy, or punctuation issue, you shouldn’t have to debate it all again later. We’ll collaborate with your team to produce writing resources and guides that best represent your brand, and that you can further refine and update in the future. 

Have a look at OSP’s Writing & Editing Guide for inspiration.

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