OSP Services Overview

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Strategize, Plan, Create: Your first year with OSP

The image below represents a "typical" first year with us. Your time with us will be unique—of course!—based on your business, needs, and goals.

Nonetheless, if you are a technical agency or product company, here's the rough outline of what we'll be doing:

  1. Month 1: Strategy and Onboarding. We get to know you, your vision, the state-of-play of your business and your offerings. We together to understand where you want to go and how we can support that with strategic product communications.
  2. Month 2: Editorial and Campaign Planning. We build on our strategic foundation, planning content and campaigns around the priorities and targets we identified together.
  3. Months 3-9: Sales Enablement Content Production and Publication. We update, create, publish, and promote content (on your website, social media, and elsewhere) to make your site your 24/7 best sales representative. This work begins to help prospects self-qualify, shortening your sales cycle.
  4. Months 9-12: Topic Authority Content Production and Publication. We create and publish content to improve your search engine relevance and authority—the keys to people finding you for the right reasons online!


Communicate, Connect, Grow with OSP

We specialize in communicating the value of complex technology solutions to connect you to audiences on both sides of the house, business and technology. 

  • Be clear about the value your complex solutions deliver.
  • Connect with the people who need to know about them.
  • Motivate your audiences to convert: test or adopt your offerings, join your partner network or community, or become part of your mission.

OSP helps you achieve your business goals and grow. Get in touch! Let’s talk about kick-starting your effective communications in a long-term partnership or targeted projects today!

Strategic and Communication Services

We offer services from strategic planning to full implementation and white-glove content creation. We provide strategic and editorial support; facilitate practical workshops, sprints, and training. OSP can even coach your team, giving you the tools to create authentic, authoritative content in-house. 

OSP Value Mapping helps you deliver strategically relevant content and consistent messaging. Our Authentic Communication Framework makes it compelling. 

Our four service pillars

To give you the technically accurate, compelling sales enablement and marketing assets you need to meet your business goals, we divide our work into four Service Pillars: Strategize, Plan, Do, and Enable. 
We set goals together, measure milestones, iterate, improve, and refine our plans over time.
You get communications aligned with your vision, strategy, and technical truth that deliver results.