Authentic Communication

Authentic Communication 07.12.2021

It Takes a Village: Creating the TYPO3 Guidebook

Channeling community knowledge and experience into an open source technology book was a privilege and a lot of hard work. We think the result was worth it. Yes, we’d probably do it again :-)

Writing & Editing Authentic Communication 23.11.2021

Five Tips for Writing a Great Intro

Sometimes the first paragraph in an article is the hardest to get right. OSP shares five tips for starting strong and writing a great intro.

Podcasts Authentic Communication 17.11.2021

PAX, the OSP editorial code. Podcast 06

How we create peaceful, clear, and colorful communication through one of OSP’s favorite Editing Codes: PAX.

Authentic Communication Writing & Editing 30.08.2021

Moving beyond Buzzword Bingo

Learn how we create content that’s both compelling to read and technically accurate using the Open Strategy Partners Authentic Communication Framework.

DevRel Authentic Communication 25.08.2021

Bridging the Tech-Biz Gap

Involving people from across your company to create outward communications strengthens internal communication and collaboration within your organization.

Authentic Communication Open Strategy 07.07.2021

How to Write a B2B Case Study That Wins You Business and Influences Buyers

B2B case studies are the most effective sales and marketing assets to win new business opportunities. Learn how to use them to convince and convert customers.

Culture & Fair Flow of Work Authentic Communication Writing & Editing 29.06.2021

Empathy in Practice

Empathy is critical to building a strong, productive organization. In this post, we begin exploring empathy and putting it into operational practice.

Authentic Communication Writing & Editing 16.06.2021

Ten Ways to Build Better Communications with Trust

Every piece of communication you produce might be your next customer’s first impression of you and your organization. In this post, I’d like to share ten practical tips to build trust into your communications. If we put actions like these at the core…

Authentic Communication 14.06.2021

Communicate, Connect, Grow, the OSP Origin Story

What we mean when we say we do "Authentic Communication," and how Open Strategy Partners got started.

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