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Writing & Editing 18.01.2022

How we decide when a blog post is “done”

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ draft—so how do you know when you’re done? OSP uses a pre-publishing checklist to answer that question.

Writing & Editing 09.12.2021

Writing Appreciation: A Container Explainer

Today’s Writing Appreciation Corner highlights a container explainer pitched at just the right level.

Authentic Communication 07.12.2021

It Takes a Village: Creating the TYPO3 Guidebook

Channeling community knowledge and experience into an open source technology book was a privilege and a lot of hard work. We think the result was worth it. Yes, we’d probably do it again :-)

Writing & Editing Authentic Communication 23.11.2021

Five Tips for Writing a Great Intro

Sometimes the first paragraph in an article is the hardest to get right. OSP shares five tips for starting strong and writing a great intro.

Ahead, a shining morning star hangs above a winding upwards path.
Writing & Editing 19.11.2021

Five Tips For Writing a Stellar Case Study

They may seem straightforward, but there’s an art to creating a compelling case study. Here, OSP shares our best practices for writing high-impact case studies.

Podcasts Authentic Communication 17.11.2021

PAX, the OSP editorial code. Podcast 06

How we create peaceful, clear, and colorful communication through one of OSP’s favorite Editing Codes: PAX.

Writing & Editing 27.10.2021

Writing Appreciation: Blockchain in Three Sentences

A crystal clear explanation of blockchain. We break down what goes into a concise, to the point, helpful explanation of a complex technology.

Podcasts 26.10.2021

FRONT, the OSP editorial code. Podcast 05

How we create clear, credible, and attention-grabbing communication through one of OSP’s favorite Editing Codes: FRONT.

Writing & Editing Tools & Templates 18.10.2021

The Positivity Pass and Why We Do It

Empathetic and constructive editing produces consistently better results and relationships over time.