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Authentic Communication Writing & Editing 14.02.2023

WHOM, the OSP editorial code. Podcast Ep 09

In this quick podcast, we discuss how we use the Editing Code WHOM to create clear, trustworthy, and targeted communication that empowers your reader.

Authentic Communication Writing & Editing 07.02.2023

SPOCK, the OSP editorial code. Podcast Ep 08

In this quick podcast, we discuss how we use the Editing Code SPOCK to deliver clarity, maintain the reader’s trust, and help everyone’s communication live long and prosper as writers, editors, and readers.

ACRO podcast episode title card
Authentic Communication Writing & Editing 31.01.2023

ACRO, the OSP editorial code. Podcast Ep 07

In this quick podcast, learn how acronyms help build your authority and stay concise, helping your readers learn more, faster. Why and how to use acronyms in your communications from the perspectives of the writer, the editor, and the reader.

Writing & Editing 28.02.2022

Writing Appreciation: Unpack the SPAC

Explaining financial technology to a dual audience of uninformed and in-the-know readers is hard. In this Writing Appreciation Corner, we see it done well.

Writing & Editing 24.02.2022

What is product communication?

OSP helps companies craft product communications—micro-messages about your product, technology, and solutions.

Writing & Editing 08.02.2022

Writing Appreciation: Respectful Skepticism

Expressing doubt or skepticism about a new technology without putting anyone down is a difficult tightrope to walk.

Writing & Editing Tools & Templates 20.01.2022

The OSP Content Brief

Structure: Our Not-So-Secret Superpower

Writing & Editing 18.01.2022

How we decide when a blog post is “done”

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ draft—so how do you know when you’re done? OSP uses a pre-publishing checklist to answer that question.

Writing & Editing 09.12.2021

Writing Appreciation: A Container Explainer

Today’s Writing Appreciation Corner highlights a container explainer pitched at just the right level.



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