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Authentic Communication Events & Talks 29.02.2024

Felicity Brand at Write the Docs Australia 2023

OSPea, Felicity Brand, hosted a discussion panel about the current state of technical communication at the Write the Docs Australia 2023 conference. The discussion ranged from how to prove the value of documentation and better integrate it into…

Events & Talks Authentic Communication 31.10.2023

Empathy, Clarity, and Trust: The Cornerstones of a Successful Communication and Content Strategy

Discover how trust-centred strategies can enhance your digital communication efforts. Unlock the secrets to building credibility, fostering relationships, and nurturing customer loyalty.

Events & Talks Authentic Communication 14.03.2023

Boost your project's trust signals with great docs!

A vibrant set of trust signals means people are far more likely to engage with your open source product, project, and community.

Events & Talks 22.09.2022

A Communication Playbook to Grow Your Agency DrupalCon Prague 2022

An actionable, straightforward model for selling better by building trust with your prospects before they ever meet you.

Events & Talks 14.04.2021

Leadership at the Intersection of Business and Open Source

Tracy Evans leads a panel of experienced leaders discussing how to can take the best of both worlds and run great organizations that make the world better.

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Events & Talks 12.02.2021

The 10 Ways of Trust

Tracy explores why trust matters and provides ten practical tips to integrate trust elements into your communications.

Events & Talks 08.10.2020

The Product of Theseus: Where are you going?

At the NI Developer Conference, Heather McNamee conducts a thought-experiment to create a clear vision of why your product exists, where it’s going, and for what audience.

Open Strategy Tools & Templates Events & Talks 14.03.2020

Value Mapping: Building understanding, communicating the benefits of what you do

In this keynote address, Jeffrey A. McGuire talks about how to build and use the OSP Value Map.

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Events & Talks Authentic Communication 14.03.2020

Trust: Ten ways to build better connections

In this keynote address, Tracey Evans talks about her passion, trust, and how it can built better business and better communities.