Facilitated Content Sprint

The silence of a blank page is daunting. Learn to trust process over creativity.

Bring your team together. Get work done. 

Stop staring at a blank page. Our structured writing and editing process was created to break writer’s block and build authentic, accurate, compelling communication on demand. We give you the tools you need to create strategic communications, starting with a brief, continuing through narrative points, providing evidence, and the human element that makes compelling content for the reader.

Make the time to write — with us! When you’re under pressure, it can feel like there’s too much to do and no time for it. Creating the content essential to promoting (and selling!) your work falls by the wayside. What good is focusing so hard on building your amazing product, if no one knows about it?

A content sprint gives you time and space to produce ready-to-publish material. When you have a clear strategy and priorities in place, a focused sprint is the time to capture the stories about your product and connect with the people who need to know about it.

Come in with ideas, leave with templates, creative briefs, draft ... or even final copy ... and OSP’s writing tools and processes to make it easier next time. We help you get it done.

Workshop tl;dr

What: Facilitated session(s) for your team to prepare and produce content under our expert guidance. 

How: We’ll show you our tools and process to make writer’s block a thing of the past and editing a joy for everyone involved. 

Who: Teams who need to produce content but have trouble finding time and focus. You don’t need to be an expert writer.

Takeaways: You’ll leave with ready-to-publish materials and a repeatable workflow.

Workshop Details

Your Workshop Experience

Before the session, we agree on your goals and priorities. Planning clear objectives and content goals helps you jump in and get right to work in the sprint. 

We introduce and discuss the OSP tools and methods we’ll be using during the day. 

We generate and capture content ideas for production work during the event as a group.

You learn our modular, structured writing and editing process ­— and immediately put it into practice — in a series of individual and small-group exercises. 

Our facilitators are on hand to guide you and lend a professional editorial hand where needed. 

We help you create Authentic Communication — compelling, accurate, and trustworthy content that will resonate with your audience.

Workshop Outcomes

In our experience, you will leave with boosted confidence in your writing, a sense of ownership in the process, and the enthusiasm to do more.

With structure and process, writing becomes creative problem-solving.

Writing is also an excellent method for professional development. Not only does it raise your profile, but it also allows time for reflective learning and documentation.

At the end of the sprint, you can materials in stages from draft to ready-to-publish: templates, concepts, briefs, drafts, and even final polished content ready to publish.

Celebrate! Ideally, we work towards a content "go-live" or similar concrete milestone that we can celebrate together.

Who is this workshop for?

  • You have trouble finding time and focus to produce content. We create dedicated time and space and provide the facilitation to produce tangible results.
  • You are unsure how to consistently make high-quality content that connects with the people who need to know about the value of your product.
  • You are a subject-matter expert and want to communicate about what you do in accurate, compelling, trustworthy content. 
  • Writers of any level and experience! Add more tools to your toolkit!
Group of people collaborating at a table with multiple computers

Workshop formats

Since 2020, we have adapted our workshop and sprint formats* to a remote-first reality.

We can provide online or in-person sessions for groups small to large.

We tailor the scope and length according to your needs and goals.

A typical in-person event might run over two days, while the same content in an online format might work better in three consecutive half-days plus individual coaching.

* ... all but one :-) 

Companion workshops

The Content Sprint Workshop works well as a standalone session but works even better as a follow-on to our Writer Enablement workshop

Overcome the silence of the blank page. Learn to trust process over creativity.

Image credit: Black Filia typewriter Photo by Katrin Hauf, OSP Group Sprint photo by Tracy Evans.