Facilitated Marketing Sprint

Drop the buzzwords. Communicate authentically to break through the noise and connect with potential users and open source contributors.

Increase adoption and grow community

Marketing for open source projects and communities is different to marketing for consumer or B2B scenarios.

This workshop helps you define your audience, clarify your message, and help people come to your project and contribute.

Open source projects often struggle to express the value of their offering. The goal of most open source projects is to increase users and thereby, increase user contributions. More users means more potential customers (or hires). More contributions means a stronger community and great business value.

Using our Contribution Marketing Canvas, we work with you to create a contribution strategy. Using our Empathy Maps and Engagement Ladder, we work together to create a plan of execution for the contribution strategy.

Understand your audience’s needs, motivations, and perspectives. 

We look at how to use empathy, common language, and logical arguments to create compelling, accurate, and trustworthy communication.

Workshop tl;dr

  • What: A dedicated, facilitated session  to produce marketing content and other assets.
  • How: We walk you through our tools and processes to identify who you want to talk to, why, when, where and how. 
  • Who: Any open source project or community without dedicated marketing.
  • Takeaways: You’ll leave with a marketing communication strategy, and a plan for how to execute the strategy.

Workshop Details

Your workshop experience

We’ve developed a tool called the Contribution Marketing Canvas, which helps you answer key questions like:

  • What are your project’s contribution goals?
  • Who benefits from contributing? 
  • Why should people contribute, and how? 
  • Where can people connect with the project and mentors? 

Looking at the project goals, we’ll work with you and your team to determine the key areas and activities of contribution that will help your project build momentum towards its goals. 

Next, we look at Contribution Flows and start putting it all together. We use the Empathy Map to help understand what motivates your contributors, and then use the Engagement Ladder to start building your marketing and communication strategy.

Workshop outcomes

This workshop is all about producing marketing assets and content that is ready for review and publishing.

At the end of the session, you’ll have a clear communication strategy for your project, and a clear plan on how to execute that strategy.

You’ll know what stories are important to tell for your project. You’ll have the narratives that illustrate your technology and product, and the narratives that illustrate your vibrant community.

OSP Empathy Map Conversion Journey

Who is this workshop for?

  • Any open source community, association, or project.
  • Individuals who have their own open source project.
  • Technology companies that have complex technology solutions and don’t have a large internal marketing department.
  • Small teams, start-ups, project teams ... without dedicated marketing.

Workshop formats

We can arrange practical workshops and content sprints online or in-person for a variety of group sizes from small to large. Tailored to your needs and goals, they can run from one to five days in length, for example as a series of 90-minute or half-day workshops, plus individual breakout sessions.

Companion workshops

Consider following this up with a Content Sprint, to spend some focused time on creating content that is underpinned by your freshly minted marketing strategy.

OSP workshop photos: lots of post-its!

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