Authentic Communication DevRel 18.07.2024

Navigating the synergy: A guide to DevRel and developer marketing in the tech ecosystem

By understanding and effectively implementing complimentary DevRel and developer marketing programs, your company can better create authentic relationships, provide valuable support, and foster product adoption within developer communities.

Authentic Communication DevRel 21.05.2024

Mastering B2D Marketing: Key Strategies for Engaging Developers

Explore the nuanced strategies for effective B2D marketing, catering to developers as key decision-makers. Discover authentic communication, technical truth, metrics, and future trends for engaging this distinct audience.

Authentic Communication DevRel 05.03.2024

The Essential Guide: Best Practices in Marketing to Software Developers

Effective marketing to software developers can be challenging—they are particularly resistant to promotional content. Understanding their mindset will help you craft effective marketing strategies if you want to reach and influence a technical…

DevRel Authentic Communication 25.08.2021

Bridging the Tech-Biz Gap

Involving people from across your company to create outward communications strengthens internal communication and collaboration within your organization.

DevRel 23.08.2021

DevRel in our DNA

Even though you don’t see the term "DevRel" in the OSP origin story, our founders have deep roots in developer relations.

DevRel Events & Talks 14.06.2018

Marketing your project to increase adoption and grow community

Through the lens of technical communication, jam and Tracy look at marketing from an open source perspective and consider how you can apply well established techniques to help your project and community thrive.

Open Strategy DevRel Events & Talks 09.06.2018

"Biz v Devs" - A story of cross-cultural communication

In this keynote address at DrupalCamp Poland, jam talks about how developer teams and business teams don’t always understand each other.

Marketing your FOSS open source project to increase contribution
DevRel Events & Talks 16.03.2018

Marketing your open source project to increase contribution

Heather McNamee provides practical takeaways to help you reach the right audience and open up productive lines of communication with your project’s users and community members.