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Writing & Editing Authentic Communication 06.02.2024

The Risks of Over-Reliance on AI in B2B Content Creation

AI is now a great tool in B2B marketing, but the human touch is as crucial as ever. Content made with humans at the helm remains, for now, markedly superior to synthetically produced content in 2024.

Events & Talks Authentic Communication 31.10.2023

Empathy, Clarity, and Trust: The Cornerstones of a Successful Communication and Content Strategy

Discover how trust-centred strategies can enhance your digital communication efforts. Unlock the secrets to building credibility, fostering relationships, and nurturing customer loyalty.

Open Strategy Writing & Editing 11.07.2023

Build a Product Adoption Strategy on Technical Truth

Creating a groundbreaking technology or feature is only the beginning. Product owners, founders, and builders often overlook the equal challenge of clearly communicating its value.

Writing & Editing 08.05.2023

Team Success: Flow and Productivity

Consistent productivity is essential for so many of us. A flow state helps. Here are some tips that work for us when we need that flow to happen.

Podcasts Authentic Communication 21.03.2023

GRAM, the OSP editorial code. Podcast 14

How we create credible communication through one of OSP's favorite Editing Codes: GRAM

Podcasts Authentic Communication 15.03.2023

ANTE, the OSP editorial code. Podcast 10

In this quick podcast, we discuss being clear about what you’re referring to in your writing with the editing code ANTE. There can be long rhetorical distances between whatever we’re talking about and the next “this, “that,” or “they” referring to it…

Podcasts Authentic Communication 14.03.2023

Talking Writing/Editing Codes with Chris Fenwick. Podcast 13

Learn where the Editing Codes came from, their influences, and how we developed them at OSP.

Events & Talks Authentic Communication 14.03.2023

Boost your project's trust signals with great docs!

A vibrant set of trust signals means people are far more likely to engage with your open source product, project, and community.

Podcasts Authentic Communication 07.03.2023

FUD, the OSP editorial code. Podcast 12

How we create positive and constructive communication through one of OSP's favorite Editing Codes: FUD