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Authentic communication drives connection ...


Connection drives community ...


Community creates business value.

Open Strategy Partners (OSP) helps open-source-focused organizations grow by telling their stories and connecting them to the needs of their stakeholders. We work with you to map problems and solutions, the value you deliver, and weave all of that into compelling narratives. Together we use these stories--your stories--to build a digital marketing strategy that helps you build stronger partner networks, grow adoption of your solutions, reach influencers, and more.

What We Do

Story-driven Strategy

Content Production

Workshops & Keynotes

We’re here to translate the OPEN values and practices that are generating massive returns for disruptors and digital natives and put them to work for you. We help you find where you are, where you could be, and the STRATEGY and tactics to accelerate your business. We’ll be your PARTNERS on this journey into benefitting from the business value of openness, transparency, sharing, community, and collaboration.

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