What are your Communication Challenges?

We see a few common patterns in high-value tech organizations
—technical agencies, technical product companies, and open source projects—
and we help you overcome them.


"I know we should be doing content ... but I don’t have time."

We expand your marketing and communications bandwidth. Are you strapped for time? Need more capacity? With OSP, you get consistent, high-quality content for a fraction of the time you or your expert teams would need to do it on your own.


"I need help! An extra pair of hands (or two!) right away would be a godsend."

Sales Enablement and Product Marketing help ASAP. Zero to first content faster than you can hire (not to mention onboarding and time-to-value). We are also rapid-onboarding experts. You get the benefits of our methodologies and years of industry experience fast in the form of insights, planning, and content.

Priority and Utilization

"I need a whole MarComms team, but we’re not there yet."

Composable PeopleOps: Multiple, expert brains for the price of one! Mix and match the team you need when you need it. OSP can meet your needs across many functions — strategy, planning, content authoring and editing, media, and more. All of our brains, skills, and experiences for the price of a headcount or two :-)

What do I say?

"How can communication and content help me achieve my goals?"

High-quality assets in your voice. We can help you find your brand’s voice and tone, then produce the strategic, sales, and marketing materials you need. Our structured product marketing and sales enablement approach will help you keep on track to meet your goals.

Testimonials: "How OSP helps me."

"Saves me Time"

I still remember one of the greatest things about working with OSP while I was a client ... I could reduce my time investment to produce quality content by 90% ... from ~10-15 hours to a 1-hour interview and 30 minutes of edits.

– Rick Manelius, PhD, web3 Startup CXO, serial entrepreneur

"Gives us a voice"

OSP took what we are and what we stand for and put that in words that we can share with others. We didn’t like talking about ourselves. They created a bold, confident way for us to talk about ourselves that didn’t exist before, an identity we can communicate to the outside world.

– Benni Mack, b13 agency CTO, Stuttgart

"Drives Results and Recognition"

We could afford a dedicated internal marketer, but we opted for a tighter relationship with OSP because the money is better invested due to the whole organizational power. With OSP, the whole process of recognizing us as a product company started. Until then, we were a bunch of developers who were doing something that might be cool.

– Bernd Hepberger, Co-Founder Sulu GmbH

Open Strategy Partners Expertise and Differentiators

Open Strategy Partners specializes in communicating the value of complex technology solutions, connecting you to the business and technology audiences essential for your success.

Structured, modular, and moral approach to strategy and communications

We are constantly honing our structured, repeatable processes, and our strategic and communication methodologies to get up to speed with you and start delivering strategic, valuable product communications fast.

  • Structured means our processes are consistent, repeatable, and under constant improvement.
  • Modular means our processes are flexible and extensible. 

What do you mean by a "moral" approach to communication?

  • We don’t use FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) as a tactic, we don’t write negative copy, or use violent language.
  • We highlight your best features and the value you deliver, not the potential defects of your competition.
  • We have a moral imperative to communicate the quality of your solution at the same quality as your solution.

Unique tools and methodologies combined with proven Marcomms approaches

OSP’s approach to designing and creating strategic materials and content assets — aka "How we work" — is informed by several factors:

  • Our experience in open source, technology, agencies, and product companies.
  • Our knowledge of the "classic" tools of digital marketing.
  • Helping clients as Open Strategy Partners since 2017.

Along the way, we have created some OSP tools and methodologies and put it all together. Our recipe helps us live up to our own expectations, and deliver value — as high-quality content, consulting, and more — to our clients and communities.

  • The OSP Value Map: a strategic insight and content enablement delivery platform
  • The OSP Trust and Vibrancy Signals Audit: An actionable assessment of the cues your project, company, or product puts out into the world.
  • Classic digital marketing: Personas, target audiences, buyers’ journeys, CTAs/CTVs, etc.

The OSP Authentic Communication Framework

We combine empathy, clarity, and trust to create compelling AND technically accurate content. And we enthusiastically share our knowledge and experiences with others. 

Based on these principles, we have produced hundreds of hours of audio and video, written thousands of articles, and presented hundreds of conference sessions and keynotes for clients, communities, (and even ourselves now and then)!

We follow and share open and shared standards and practices.

We share how we work to enable others.

Our founders, team, and experience.

We founded OSP to bridge the communications gap between the business and technical sides of the house.

  • Our approach to communication was born in Jeffrey A. McGuire’s nearly 20 years of communication work, hundreds of presentations and interviews in and around open source, content management, agencies, and startups.
  • Our strategic practices grew from Tracy Evan’s three business degrees and real-world experience from digital startups to managing international teams and logistics. 

Open Strategy Partners has decades of collective experience in business, technology, startups, enterprise, and open source — with big doses of media, culture, communication, and community thrown in.

  • We’ve been on both sides of the client/vendor equation ... working with people like you :-)
  • We’ve produced thousands of content pieces: writing, audio, video, and images
  • ... and done the strategic work to make them effective.

More about how we work

How we can work together

Fixed price, fixed scope engagements: Long-term value for you, while getting to know OSP and how we work.

Custom Retainers and relationships: We can meet your marcomms needs today, and grow and change with you tomorrow!

Case Study

Your best clients’ successes sell for you. The stories of their transformations, thanks to your products or services, become evergreen sales resources.

  • You get great case studies that tell stories, build trust, and attract new clients.
  • You save time and hassle. We cover research, preparation, interviews, and follow-ups, then draft, write, edit, and polish your case studies
  • Fixed price, fixed scope, evergreen assets.

I’ll dip my toe in the water!

Agency Comms Kickstart

Make your site your best sales resource. Let your site sell for you while you spend your time delivering the work your clients love!

  • Capture and communicate the pillars of your value proposition.
  • Rapidly and systematically build an agency communications strategy.
  • Create clear, compelling, technically accurate website content ready to attract and convert.
  • Get back time in your busy schedule while making a persuasive case about why your target clients should choose you.

I want to build my Agency House!

Product Comms Kickstart

Quality product content, fast. Work with all your stakeholders to de-silo, capture, and centralize your product information and turn it into:

  • A website-ready product page and a product communication strategy to support your next steps
  • A fast on-ramp to more content production, with all the essential information about your product collected and structured in one place
  • Show the world your knowledge and experience — technical, marketing, and business.

I want to take a bold step forward!


Let’s tell the world about your fantastic work! Connect with your audience. Tell them how you and your offerings can help.

  • What does OSP offer? We are experts in strategy and planning, content and media production, and product communications.
  • What about scope? How big/small are your projects? We’ve been successful in helping everything from the smallest agencies to multi-billion dollar corporations communicate, connect, and grow.

I want to sprint towards my future!

Thomas Schedler, CEO Sulu GmbH

"Perspective, strategy, and quality comms"

OSP improved nearly every aspect of our communication. From the website, content structure, documentation, and our social media presence, Sulu's communications are now the same high quality that we aim for developing our product. OSP is our outsourced Comms Department, giving us perspective and a more strategic approach to communication that we can't do in-house.

– Thomas Schedler, CEO Sulu GmbH

Waving hand icon

Build and scale your product communications in record time!

Get started with our Product Communications Kickstart Package.

  • Your technical truth in product communications. Follow our systematic approach to creating product communications and come out with a strategic base for launching further product marketing and sales efforts.
  • Translate expertise into effective communications. Convert your product expertise into product marketing and sales enablement with our expert framework and services for collecting, organizing, and maintaining your product information.
  • Fact-based, unified product positioning and messaging. We follow a structured, bottom-up approach, summarizing and refining the breadth and depth of your product Value Map and the value of your technical truth.
  • Website content that converts. Clear, compelling, technically accurate website content ready to attract and convert. With a target audience in mind, we extract from your OSP Value Map the relevant product features and the business value they deliver and turn them into your next sales tool.

Yes, I want to kickstart my product communications!


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