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Authentic Communication Open Strategy 07.07.2021

How to Write a B2B Case Study That Wins You Business and Influences Buyers

B2B case studies are the most effective sales and marketing assets to win new business opportunities. Learn how to use them to convince and convert customers.

Podcasts 29.06.2021

How we Write and Edit at OSP. Podcast 01

In this episode, we share how we create empathetic, clear, and trustworthy communication through OSP’s unique editing workflow and Editing Codes.

Culture & Fair Flow of Work Authentic Communication Writing & Editing 29.06.2021

Empathy in Practice

Empathy is critical to building a strong, productive organization. In this post, we begin exploring empathy and putting it into operational practice.

Authentic Communication Writing & Editing 16.06.2021

Ten Ways to Build Better Communications with Trust

Every piece of communication you produce might be your next customer’s first impression of you and your organization. In this post, I’d like to share ten practical tips to build trust into your communications. If we put actions like these at the core…

A Sriracha bottle on a hero's journey
Writing & Editing 15.06.2021

Why Case Studies are Important for your B2B Business

A compelling case study combines facts and experiences into a story. It is a vital, trust-building asset for your company. What do yours say about you?

Authentic Communication 14.06.2021

Communicate, Connect, Grow, the OSP Origin Story

What we mean when we say we do "Authentic Communication," and how Open Strategy Partners got started.

Podcasts 08.06.2021

OSP Launches Podcast!

"Communicate, Connect, Grow" will help you be a more effective writer and editor, develop clearer strategic thinking, and we might have fun along the way!

Events & Talks 14.04.2021

Leadership at the Intersection of Business and Open Source

Tracy Evans leads a panel of experienced leaders discussing how to can take the best of both worlds and run great organizations that make the world better.

One person helping another climb up a large rock
Events & Talks 12.02.2021

The 10 Ways of Trust

Tracy explores why trust matters and provides ten practical tips to integrate trust elements into your communications.