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Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire, Partner at Open Strategy Partners, helps organizations communicate and grow at the intersection of open source software, business, and culture. He connects the value and people behind the technologies to the people who need to know about them through inspiring conversations, keynotes, podcasts, and more. His approach to technology marketing—sharing the human context of complex technology solutions, and celebrating the expertise and success of their creators—has left its mark in business and open source communities over the last 15+ years. Open Strategy Partners helps you communicate the value of what you do to connect you with the people who need to know about it, and help you grow.

Events & Talks 22.09.2022

A Communication Playbook to Grow Your Agency DrupalCon Prague 2022

An actionable, straightforward model for selling better by building trust with your prospects before they ever meet you.

Writing & Editing 18.01.2022

How we decide when a blog post is “done”

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ draft—so how do you know when you’re done? OSP uses a pre-publishing checklist to answer that question.

Authentic Communication 07.12.2021

It Takes a Village: Creating the TYPO3 Guidebook

Channeling community knowledge and experience into an open source technology book was a privilege and a lot of hard work. We think the result was worth it. Yes, we’d probably do it again :-)

Ahead, a shining morning star hangs above a winding upwards path.
Writing & Editing 19.11.2021

Five Tips For Writing a Stellar Case Study

They may seem straightforward, but there’s an art to creating a compelling case study. Here, OSP shares our best practices for writing high-impact case studies.

Podcasts Authentic Communication 17.11.2021

PAX, the OSP editorial code. Podcast 06

How we create peaceful, clear, and colorful communication through one of OSP’s favorite Editing Codes: PAX.

Podcasts 26.10.2021

FRONT, the OSP editorial code. Podcast 05

How we create clear, credible, and attention-grabbing communication through one of OSP’s favorite Editing Codes: FRONT.

Podcasts 30.09.2021

REPET, the OSP editorial code. Podcast 04

Repetition can lose the reader’s attention and trust. Try to avoid careless repetition. Keep things interesting using the editing code REPET.

Podcasts Writing & Editing 03.09.2021

QUOTE, the OSP editorial code. Podcast 03

Communicate, Connect, Grow, the Open Strategy Partners podcast, Episode 3. We talk about how we use the Editing Code QUOTE to add credibility, accuracy, authenticity, and visual interest to our technical communication.

Authentic Communication Writing & Editing 30.08.2021

Moving beyond Buzzword Bingo

How to improve your B2B marketing content writing and consistency and create content that’s both compelling to read and technically accurate.