Values, Voice, and Tone

Distil the character of your organization into language and communication guidelines that articulate how you talk to your audiences.

Humanize your organization

Create a unique, consistent style for all your content by conveying the character of your business in the words you write. 

With a consistent tone of voice, you will: 

  • Give editors clarity so it streamlines your writing process.
  • Promote customer trust by connecting with them using an authentic demonstration of your company’s values and character. 
  • Enable a number of content contributors to speak with one voice and represent your brand the way you intend. 

Whether it’s serious, passionate, formal or casual, determining your voice and tone guides the words you choose when you create any piece of content.

From website copy to social messages, blog posts and marketing emails, your tone of voice is a powerful tool to build connection with your audience.

Workshop tl;dr

What: Establish the unique character of your organization, and how you want to speak to your audience.

How: We guide you through interactive activities to identify and capture the attributes and characteristics of your organization—which translate into communication guidelines. 

Who: Teams who need to create content with a consistent voice.

Takeaways: A Values, Voice, and Tone Guide, including recommended word choices and writing samples.

Workshop Details

Your workshop experience

Where do you start? It may seem like magic, but this is a process. As with most things at OSP, we follow a structured methodology to guide you through identifying your values, and then translating these into tone and voice. This results in a guide explaining how to write in the unique voice of your organization, right down to sentence length and word choices.

  • The session kicks off with a short presentation and discussion about why your organization’s cultural values matter.
  • Then we spend time in the discovery phase. We use an interactive card sorting exercise to identify your values. Next we move on to defining them in action (operationalizing).
  • We then work with you to translate your values into how you communicate, and your tone and style—even down to the words you choose and what impact this has on your communication strategy.
  • Finally, we share our template from the OSP Writing Toolset and work with you to create your brand Values, Voice, and Tone Guide, including how to enable everyone to speak with one voice company-wide.

Workshop outcomes

A Values, Voice and Tone Guide for your project or organization. This guide is a key piece of your communication strategy and can underpin any content you create. 

It helps you stay on message, to communicate the value of what you do. 

In a Values, Voice and Tone guide, you describe the attributes and characteristics of your organization. You articulate who you are, what you value and what you aspire to be. You also stipulate what you are not.

The guide includes details about your audience and community—what you understand about them and their level of knowledge.

Writing samples illustrate communication that reflects the values, voice, and tone.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for managersdecision-makersmarketing teams, indeed any  stakeholders involved in communications. 

It works best with team members from mixed disciplines—to garner a rounded perspective on the character of your organization.

OSP workshop in progress: discussion at a large collection of post-its

Workshop formats

This workshop can be adapted based on your needs. 

  • Onsite—one to several half-day sessions. 
  • Online—a series of 90-minute sessions.

We work with you beforehand to establish your unique business goals and which areas to focus on to get the most out of the session.

Companion workshops

To complement this workshop, consider our Content Sprint or Writer Enablement workshop, to leverage what you have learnt. You can start using your values to create content that is a true reflection of your project.

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