Agency Communications Kickstart Package

Turn your website into your best sales tool.

With the OSP Agency Communications Kickstart Package, you get the structure, strategy, and the first content to start making your website your best sales representative — available 24/7! You’ll also have the strategic base for launching more content, promotion, and sales efforts. Build and scale your marketing and sales communications in record time with OSP!

Let’s talk about that!

You have a fantastic technical agency!

You do great work, delivering projects and services that help worthy clients.

And you:

  • Lead or have high-value teams, technical and other (or you might be a team of one).
  • Have to wear many hats, perhaps including sales lead, project manager, and developer.
  • Have limited time and limited (or no) marcomms support.

Is your website helping you sell?
Is it selling for you while you’re asleep?

Is your website your best sales tool?

Your 24-hour sales rep. should be showing your next clients:

  • What you offer, represented as services, packages, or products.
  • The tools you use, software, methodologies, supporting tech.
  • Your team’s proven expertise with your tools and solutions.
  • Your track record of success at delivering client transformations.

... And do you have the time
to get all that done
while delivering your services?

OSP has the content model you need.

Our straightforward content model supports sales and builds trust.

It helps you:

  • Connect with people looking for the help you offer.
  • Build your brand authority, sharing your expert knowledge.
  • Better SEO is content quality: expertise, authority, great writing.

Make your website
your most compelling resource.

A site that saves you time and converts

Capture and communicate the pillars of your value proposition:

  • Eliminate the guesswork.
  • Rapidly and systematically build an agency communications strategy.
  • Create clear, compelling, technically accurate website content ready to attract and convert.
  • Never build a pitch deck again!

Spend less time selling
and more time delivering
the work your clients love.

What’s in the package?

The package includes the following, focusing on your product or service:

  1. Service Page Content
  2. Service-Based Value Map
  3. Website Communications Audit
  4. Brand Positioning Strategy
  5. Target Audience & Persona Strategy
  6. Website Content Architecture Recommendation

Service Page Content

Shop Windows for Prospective Clients

Clear, compelling, technically accurate website content ready to attract and convert.

With target audiences in mind, we extract the important attributes of each of your services — and the business value they deliver — from your OSP Value Map

That information becomes your next sales tool: Service Pages for your website. 

Service-Based Value Map

Align your communications with your vision, strategy, and technical truth.

A living library and canonical inventory of accurate, up-to-date information about your offerings stored as interconnected entities such as features, benefits, challenges, and personas.

Every aspect of your services becomes structured data, distilled into reusable logical groups and product positioning — a base for all your communications.

  • Create consistent sales, content, and strategic assets faster.
  • Search, sort, and study your services.
  • Convert your expertise into marketing and sales enablement.

Read more about the OSP Value Map.

Website Communications Audit

Site content and structure assessment

We’ll audit the content and structure of your website, looking for the elements essential to building trust and helping site visitors self-qualify before they ever talk with you.

We will also assess some "content quality" issues as they relate to building your authority and relevance online.

Brand Positioning Strategy

Communicate the value of what you do. 

Fact-based, unified product positioning and messaging. We follow a structured, bottom-up approach, summarizing and refining the breadth and depth of your Value Map and the value of your technical truth.

We approach positioning statements from the bottom up, building on the information we collect while building your Value Map and learning about your business and goals.

Your brand positioning statement will be a polished, colorful, compelling, non-generic statement, encapsulating what you do and what value you deliver to whom.


Target Audience & Persona Strategy

Whom should you connect with and where?

Defined and prioritized organization types that can benefit from your product or service.

Needs, goals, challenges, influences, and motivations of the people and job roles in those organizations. 

Connect with your target audiences in the channels they trust, focus your communication, marketing, and sales efforts.

Website Content Architecture Recommendation

How does it all fit together?

Part UX, part library logic, and part SEO, we will create an architectural suggestion to get the most out of the content you have and the content you’ll be on your way to creating and adding later.

The "Agency House" architecture model has a foundation layer, four pillars of your value proposition, a roof, and a really cool front door.

We’ll show you how we would put them all together! 

What would 10% more conversions mean to your bottom line?

What about convincing clients before you ever meet them?

The OSP Agency Communications Kickstart Package gives you everything you need to start:

  • Building trust with your next prospects today and closing faster with them tomorrow :-)
  • Aligning your communications with your strengths and value proposition 
  • Telling consistent, compelling stories about the value your services deliver

And the first valuable content assets are included: compelling Service Pages for your website.

Want to go farther faster?

Consider these add-ons:

  • Additional Product/Landing Pages
  • Buyer’s Journey and CTA Strategy
  • Editorial Plan and Story Pitches
  • Content Production
  • Writer Enablement Workshops and Services

Ask us about prices, packages, and retainer offerings.

Let’s get started

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About Open Strategy Partners

We founded OSP to bridge the communications gap between the business and technical sides of the house. Our approach to communication was born in Jeffrey A. McGuire’s nearly 20 years of communication work, hundreds of presentations and interviews in and around open source, content management, agencies, and startups. Our strategic practices grew from Tracy Evan’s three business degrees and real-world experience from digital startups to managing international teams and logistics. 

We connect engineering to marketing to align your communications with your vision, strategy, and technical truth.

We help high-value organizations — B2B, SaaS, technical product companies and specialized agencies:

  • Communicate the business value of your complex solutions.
  • Foster advocacy and adoption among technical audiences.
  • Grow sales and conversions to your target audiences.

Communicate the value of what you do, connect you with the people you need to know about it, and grow:

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