Case Study Package

The Ultimate Evergreen Sales Asset

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Start building your next client relationships before you even meet them.

The Ultimate Evergreen Sales Material

Case studies and testimonials are some of the most valuable content assets in the B2B world., and they’re a lot of work.

We write* compelling case studies for you.

(*plan, prepare, research, interview, outline, draft, write, edit, and polish)

Build Trust with Your Next Client Now

When done right, case studies speak for themselves and help build your credibility and authority with potential clients.

Start building your next client relationships before you even meet them.

Case Studies are your B2B Online Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ You deserve five stars (of course!), but creating case studies takes precious time. How much time do you have to spare?

Plus, we’ve got the knack to creating a compelling story from dry facts and client anecdotes.

We Tell your Best Stories Best

At OSP, we love crafting stories. We produce professionally written and researched case studies to help you grow your business.

Let us get on with putting you in the best light and celebrating your clients’ success while you focus on your next great client project.

Want to see?

Click on the images below to read some of the case studies we’ve done. They are helping our clients build credibility and grow their businesses right now!

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Let us do all this for you.

For each case study, Open Strategy Partners takes care of all of this for you:

  • Research, prepare, interview. We collect background information and conduct customer interviews on your behalf.  
  • Outline, draft, write, edit, and polish a case study featuring how you, your product, service, or technology delivered results and helped transform your client’s business.

Yes, it’s really that easy.

More on how we create great case studies:

About Open Strategy Partners

We founded OSP to bridge the communications gap between the business and technical sides of the house. Our approach to communication was born in Jeffrey A. McGuire’s nearly 20 years of communication work, hundreds of presentations and interviews in and around open source, content management, agencies, and startups. Our strategic practices grew from Tracy Evan’s three business degrees and real-world experience from digital startups to managing international teams and logistics. 

We connect engineering to marketing to align your communications with your vision, strategy, and technical truth.

We help high-value organizations — B2B, SaaS, technical product companies and specialized agencies:

  • Communicate the business value of your complex solutions.
  • Foster advocacy and adoption among technical audiences.
  • Grow sales and conversions to your target audiences.

Communicate the value of what you do, connect you with the people you need to know about it, and grow:

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