Call for Writers 2023

Contract/Freelance - Remote

What you’ll do as a writer at OSP

In this role, you will work with our team on a range of writing- and editing-related activities, collaboratively delivering greater value for our clients.

  • Interview technical and subject-matter experts and conduct research to support technical and other marketing and communication assets.
  • Collaboratively research, draft, and edit blog posts, case studies, social media messaging, pitch emails, and landing pages that help readers understand the “why” as well as the “what” and the “how.”
  • Develop and pitch content ideas for our clients to better connect with their audiences.
  • Review, copy-edit, and provide editorial feedback for content created by other writers (clients and team members). In our close-knit team of communication professionals, we share best practices, and teach and learn from each other. 
  • Help us improve our systematic approach to content production and contribute to our writing and editing best practices.
  • (Optional) Train clients and give writing and editing workshops.

OSP Writing and Editing Resources

Learn more about how we think about writing and editing at Open Strategy Partners.

What you need to be successful as a writer at OSP


Strong experience and portfolio in a wide range of communication assets within the technology sector, like blog posts, PR pitches, case studies, press releases, white papers, and landing pages. 

Technically accurate, native-level fluency in English with a strong command of grammar, syntax, and style.

Writing skills. You’ll help us create (at least) three broad styles of high-value writing assets:

  • Short, punchy, easy-to-consume texts summarizing content and concepts for website entry pages, headers, teasers, social media, newsletters, and similar forms.
  • Medium “density” texts for 2nd-level website pages: products, personas, use cases, etc.
  • Long-form content incorporating narrative elements and story-telling: blog posts and series, case studies, guides, etc.


Learning mindset. You will need to learn, understand, strategize, and communicate highly complex technical solutions to both technical and business audiences.

Knowledge in and around web development practices and platforms, like content management systems, developer tools, Web3, and modern infrastructure such as SaaS/PaaS/IaaS cloud services. Experience and knowledge of open source software and communities would be a bonus.

Remote Work and Communication

Collaborative and independent working skills, getting client deliverables done quickly and on deadline in a supportive, remote-first environment.

Proactive working and communication style. OSP is fully remote, and our most successful team members take advantage of all our communication channels to be transparent, learn, keep themselves unblocked, and on schedule.


Interview skills, including the ability to interview and work with technical and subject-matter experts and translate the results into compelling, technically accurate content.

Strategy and Marketing

Analytical skills include sorting and categorizing product features and connecting them logically to end-user outcomes using our internal strategic framework.

Product communications, including summarizing and converting strategic information in our internal tools into various types of product communication: long- and short-form writing, landing pages, etc.

Next Steps

Step 1: Contact Us

Email, with the subject line "2023 OSP Call for Writers."

Include the following:

  • Your resume or CV
  • Bulleted list highlighting your writing and technology experience, showing a connection to the points under “What you need to be successful.”
  • Writing Samples: Share links or attach examples, identifying your favorite for us to prioritize. 
  • Your current work situation and availability: number or range of hours you’re looking for on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • A short (<5 min.) video. Tell us:
    • About yourself.
    • About your path, what lead you here, and why you’re interested in this position. 
    • Your primary needs and wishes are in any work engagement you’d consider.

Step 2: Interview(s)

We’ll find a mutually convenient time for a chat or two with us via online video conferencing.

Step 3: Test project

If your writing samples and interviews point towards a good fit for both sides, we’ll set up a paid test project with you. This will combine a compact orientation, while creating a real client asset—a blog post, for example. Our team will be there to help you along the way.