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08. June 2021 - Jeffrey A. McGuire

Open Strategy Partners launches podcast!

"Communicate, Connect, Grow" will help you be a more effective writer and editor, develop clearer strategic thinking, and we might have fun along the way!

Communicate, Connect, Grow: the OSP Podcast

At Open Strategy Partners, we help you communicate the value of what you do to connect you with the people who need to know about it, and grow.

We do a lot of thinking about what makes for effective, consistent, strategic product communication. In this podcast, we want to show you how we translate between technical complexity and business value to create strategic product communication at OSP. And we want to learn more from you and our guests.

And it’s not just about technology, and it’s not just about business … 

If you want to be a more effective writer, a more transparent editor, develop clearer strategic thinking, and learn from our network of expert friends and colleagues, come along for the ride!

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We’re planning episodes in three broad categories, hosted by different members of the OSP team:

  • Communicate: All things communication. We share how we tackle writing, editing, word choices, formats, processes, and more.
  • Connect episodes are in-depth conversations with interesting smart people about who they are, what they do, and how they approach their life and work as communicators, technologists, and leaders.
  • Grow: We cover strategic approaches to understanding and expressing the value of what you do, including tools, templates, and practical applications.
    • You might need to grow the adoption of your products, open source solutions, partner networks, sales, community, or teams. 
    • You also might want to grow into a better communicator. 

It also turns out that building a mindful, positive, human-first culture at work is a big part of that. That’s something we work on every day. We’ll be talking about that, too.

This podcast is us figuring out communication, connection, and growing. Together.

A young marketer tends her sales funnel.

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