Authentic Communication

Authentic Communication DevRel 18.07.2024

Navigating the synergy: A guide to DevRel and developer marketing in the tech ecosystem

By understanding and effectively implementing complimentary DevRel and developer marketing programs, your company can better create authentic relationships, provide valuable support, and foster product adoption within developer communities.

Authentic Communication DevRel 21.05.2024

Mastering B2D Marketing: Key Strategies for Engaging Developers

Explore the nuanced strategies for effective B2D marketing, catering to developers as key decision-makers. Discover authentic communication, technical truth, metrics, and future trends for engaging this distinct audience.

Writing & Editing Authentic Communication 08.05.2024

The B2B Writer-Editor Relationship: A Guide to Productive Feedback Exchanges

Improve your B2B copywriting by fostering a productive writer-editor relationship. This guide covers tips for gracefully receiving feedback, mindfully actioning suggestions, and engaging in respectful dialogue to elevate B2B content through the…

Authentic Communication Writing & Editing 23.04.2024

Empower Your Message: B2B Copywriting Crafted with Clarity and Purpose

Learn how to craft compelling B2B marketing copy that resonates with technical audiences, using our examples and tips.

Authentic Communication DevRel 05.03.2024

The Essential Guide: Best Practices in Marketing to Software Developers

Effective marketing to software developers can be challenging—they are particularly resistant to promotional content. Understanding their mindset will help you craft effective marketing strategies if you want to reach and influence a technical…

Authentic Communication Events & Talks 29.02.2024

Felicity Brand at Write the Docs Australia 2023

OSPea, Felicity Brand, hosted a discussion panel about the current state of technical communication at the Write the Docs Australia 2023 conference. The discussion ranged from how to prove the value of documentation and better integrate it into…

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Writing & Editing Authentic Communication 06.02.2024

The Risks of Over-Reliance on AI in B2B Content Creation

AI is now a great tool in B2B marketing, but the human touch is as crucial as ever. Content made with humans at the helm remains, for now, markedly superior to synthetically produced content in 2024.

Events & Talks Authentic Communication 31.10.2023

Empathy, Clarity, and Trust: The Cornerstones of a Successful Communication and Content Strategy

Discover how trust-centred strategies can enhance your digital communication efforts. Unlock the secrets to building credibility, fostering relationships, and nurturing customer loyalty.

Podcasts Authentic Communication 21.03.2023

GRAM, the OSP editorial code. Podcast 14

How we create credible communication through one of OSP's favorite Editing Codes: GRAM