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Authentic Communication DevRel 21.05.2024

Mastering B2D Marketing: Key Strategies for Engaging Developers

Explore the nuanced strategies for effective B2D marketing, catering to developers as key decision-makers. Discover authentic communication, technical truth, metrics, and future trends for engaging this distinct audience.

Authentic Communication Writing & Editing 23.04.2024

Empower Your Message: B2B Copywriting Crafted with Clarity and Purpose

Learn how to craft compelling B2B marketing copy that resonates with technical audiences, using our examples and tips.

Authentic Communication DevRel 05.03.2024

The Essential Guide: Best Practices in Marketing to Software Developers

Effective marketing to software developers can be challenging—they are particularly resistant to promotional content. Understanding their mindset will help you craft effective marketing strategies if you want to reach and influence a technical…

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Writing & Editing Authentic Communication 06.02.2024

The Risks of Over-Reliance on AI in B2B Content Creation

AI is now a great tool in B2B marketing, but the human touch is as crucial as ever. Content made with humans at the helm remains, for now, markedly superior to synthetically produced content in 2024.

Open Strategy Writing & Editing 11.07.2023

Build a Product Adoption Strategy on Technical Truth

Creating a groundbreaking technology or feature is only the beginning. Product owners, founders, and builders often overlook the equal challenge of clearly communicating its value.

Writing & Editing 08.05.2023

Team Success: Flow and Productivity

Consistent productivity is essential for so many of us. A flow state helps. Here are some tips that work for us when we need that flow to happen.

Writing & Editing 28.02.2022

Writing Appreciation: Unpack the SPAC

Explaining financial technology to a dual audience of uninformed and in-the-know readers is hard. In this Writing Appreciation Corner, we see it done well.

Writing & Editing 08.02.2022

Writing Appreciation: Respectful Skepticism

Expressing doubt or skepticism about a new technology without putting anyone down is a difficult tightrope to walk.

Writing & Editing 09.12.2021

Writing Appreciation: A Container Explainer

Today’s Writing Appreciation Corner highlights a container explainer pitched at just the right level.