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Writing & Editing Authentic Communication 08.05.2024

The Writer-Editor Relationship: A Guide to Productive Feedback Exchanges

Improve your writing and editing skills by fostering a productive writer-editor relationship. This guide covers tips for receiving feedback gracefully, actioning suggestions mindfully, and engaging in a respectful dialogue to elevate written work…

Authentic Communication Events & Talks 29.02.2024

Felicity Brand at Write the Docs Australia 2023

OSPea, Felicity Brand, hosted a discussion panel about the current state of technical communication at the Write the Docs Australia 2023 conference. The discussion ranged from how to prove the value of documentation and better integrate it into…

Writing & Editing 08.05.2023

Team Success: Flow and Productivity

Consistent productivity is essential for so many of us. A flow state helps. Here are some tips that work for us when we need that flow to happen.

Events & Talks Authentic Communication 14.03.2023

Boost your project's trust signals with great docs!

A vibrant set of trust signals means people are far more likely to engage with your open source product, project, and community.

Writing & Editing Tools & Templates 20.01.2022

The OSP Content Brief

Learn how Content Briefs help you be clear about your purpose and narrative before you start writing, and download our free PDF template to try it yourself!

Writing & Editing Authentic Communication 23.11.2021

Five Tips for Writing a Great Intro

Sometimes the first paragraph in an article is the hardest to get right. OSP shares five tips for starting strong and writing a great intro.

Writing & Editing Tools & Templates 18.10.2021

The Positivity Pass and Why We Do It

Empathetic and constructive editing produces consistently better results and relationships over time.

DevRel 23.08.2021

DevRel in our DNA

Even though you don’t see the term "DevRel" in the OSP origin story, our founders have deep roots in developer relations.