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OSP is a strategic communications company. We help high-value technology organizations communicate effectively, translating complexity to business value in strategy and communications for technology organizations … with a special focus on open source.

With our Authentic Communication Framework—built on practical application of empathy, clarity, and trust—we create strategically relevant communications that are technically accurate, and compelling to consume.

Our deep roots in technology and open-source software inform our approaches to developer marketing, technical communications, and community building.

Communicate Effectively, Grow

We are technology, communications, and business experts. We specialize in communicating the value of complex technology solutions to those who could benefit from them—whether on the business or technical side of the house. 

Effective communication helps you achieve your business goals by getting across the value of your solutions, connecting you with the people who need to know about them. We help you motivate your audiences to test or adopt your offerings, to belong to your partner network or community, or to join you on your mission. OSP helps you grow. 

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Work with us

We offer our services from strategic planning to full implementation and content creation to help you accomplish your goals. We also provide, support, and facilitate practical workshops, sprints, and training. OSP can coach appropriate members of your team, giving them the materials and tools to create authentic, authoritative content internally. 

OSP helps you deliver strategically relevant content with our Authentic Communication Framework, which is made up of our strategic practice and our communications practice. 

Strategic practice

  • Strategic Framework
  • Value Map & Positioning
  • Trust & Vibrancy Signals
  • Community Building
  • Workshops and Sprints

Communication practice

  • Content Strategy
  • Editorial Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Writing & Editorial Services
  • Workshops and Sprint

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