About Open Strategy Partners

We align your communications with your vision, strategy, and technical truth.

OSP helps technology organizations communicate the value of what you do to connect you to the people who need to know about it, and grow.

We help our clients create strategic content that is both compelling and technically accurate. To do this, we combine technical analysis, research-by-interview, and systematic, repeatable writing and editing practices. Our goal is to apply empathy, communicate with clarity, and build trust—giving perspective, context, and depth to technical stories, while keeping them free of marketing hyperbole.

Our clients are technology organizations — ranging from agencies and product companies to open source projects and associations to decentralized blockchains — each with unique communication needs and challenges. Many of them work with open source directly or benefit from the strategies and lessons learned from these value-generating, professional communities. We partner with them at a strategic level to create the effective communications they need to grow. For example, we help them increase the adoption of their technical solutions, strengthen their user communities, and build partner networks.

OSP Manifesto

People learning, sharing, and passing on knowledge and experiences.

Working with Open Strategy Partners

Osp, the OSP elephant.

Our mission is to create strategies and accurate, compelling communications that support business goals while applying empathy to create clarity and build trust. We help clients, for example, grow adoption of their solutions, increase sales, memberships, engagement, or partner networks, and more.

We are a human-first company. Our priority is planning and creating a fair flow of work for our team and our clients. We make our own workdays easier by focusing on repeatable, documented processes. Among many positive side effects, this means OSP delivers consistent quality that we are proud of. And we plan capacity and meet deadlines while still taking care of ourselves and our lives outside work.

We hope we can make the world a tiny bit better by helping more people than we could ever take on as clients. Therefore, we also enthusiastically teach and share our methodologies, materials, experience, and templates. 

Open Strategy Partners is based in Cologne, Germany, with team members and clients around the globe in places like Hamburg, Bologna, Melbourne, Miami, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Ontario!


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