Build a Star: Profile Building

Make your team profile page work just as hard as any other page on your site. This workshop creates your organization’s team members profiles, to pack a powerful SEO punch on your website and to create a stronger team. When you show that your team members are skilled experts in the tools you use and the services you provide, it adds to your findability and credibility.

What: Create a strong bio for team members - illustrating the value they bring to your organization.

How: In a safe and fun environment, we use surveys, interviews and collaborative exercises, to paint a portrait of each member of your team.

Who: Established teams or new teams. Anyone who wants to capture the value of their human resource.  

Takeaways: An awareness of team strengths, and ready-to-publish profile content that is SEO-optimized.

Leverage team profiles for SEO

When building a website, most ‘About Us’ pages are neglected or left until the end because they seem “easy”. But everyone knows, writing about yourself can be difficult. 

Often overlooked, team profile content can be a heavy lifter in your website’s credibility. It can be an SEO building block, benefiting both your organization and team members personally.

Your workshop experience

We create a safe space to make this a fun and relaxed workshop. 

Rather than sitting down to describe your own work history, skills and interests, this workshop uses interviews technique, and interactive, collaborative exercises to flesh out a rounded profile for each team member.

It’s much easier to describe the traits of someone else. Team members get the chance to input on their own and each others’ profiles. 

You do the hard work then take a break while we bring it all together. At the conclusion of the session, we present the profiles to the team in a fun, interactive way.


You’ll have:

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop works equally well for teams who have been working together for years, and for new teams ramping up in a new project. 

We’ll leave you with the interview template to be able to create profiles yourself for new hires after the workshop.


The onsite format follows a 3-part structure:

The online format is similar but can be broken up over a number of days.

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