About Open Strategy Partners

Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire
Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire, keynote speaker, Partner at Open Strategy Partners, helps organizations communicate and grow, telling the stories that connect their technologies with the value they deliver. He builds on more than a dozen years of experience and a strong following at the intersection of open source software, business, and culture. His approach to technology marketing—sharing the human side of complex technology solutions, celebrating the expertise and success of their creators—has left its mark on business and open source communities.
Tracy Evans
Tracy Evans, Partner at Open Strategy Partners and Mannheim Business School MBA, brings to the table more than 12 years of strategic marketing, technology, and management experience, spanning classic enterprise environments as well as the digital startup scene, where she has helped organizations connect their value propositions to their target audiences. She has presented dozens of workshops, seminars, and sessions for a variety of audiences across the business world, from startups to enterprise leaders to open source core development teams, agencies, and events.
Felicity Brand
Felicity Brand has more than ten years of experience as a writer and technical communicator. She spent the ten years before that as a business analyst. She has spent much of her career writing a variety of technical content for internal and external consumption—from online help to manuals, release notes, and in-house product training webinars, to web content and white papers. Felicity has a special knack for designing visuals and illustrations and a passion for clearly communicating technical concepts.
John Heaven
John Heaven is a technical writer and marketing professional. He has been working with OSP since 2019, where he applies deep experience in Marketing for everyday consumer brands and complex technical products. He has an excellent understanding of benefit-oriented communication, explaining complex products and services in a language business clients understand. Our clients value his collaboration, helping them define and create articles, case studies, landing pages, and other strategic content. He has previous hands-on experience developing websites using WordPress and Drupal, and previously worked in a Drupal agency on technical project implementation and marketing. In 2019, John was awarded a Diploma in Professional Marketing by the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK. He grew up in Birmingham, UK, and studied Law in Exeter, UK, and Saarland, Germany.
Liz Robau
Liz Robau is a technical writer and communications strategist. She has worked both in-house and as a consultant for tech companies, advising leadership on how to position their products, build a strong brand, and communicate technical value. Liz also has experience as a professional developer: she spent several years working on the mobile and front-end web apps for a health care startup. Her expertise lies in strategic communications and translating technical material for a non-technical audience. She enjoys helping engineers explain why and how they build the tools that they do.