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- Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire

Moving beyond Buzzword Bingo

Learn how we create content that’s both compelling to read and technically accurate using the Open Strategy Partners Authentic Communication Framework.

We hear this sort of thing a lot: “Developers and marketers don’t speak the same language,” and “all marketing is BS,” or “the developers are out of touch with what our clients want.”

We call this the “Tech/Business Gap,” and it happens because developer teams and business teams don't always understand each other. A lack of empathy can lead to poor communication, which can create a culture of mistrust, blame, and lack of respect. Teams or individuals within an organization can end up pulling in different directions—even when everyone believes they’re working towards a common goal.

We founded OSP to help technology organizations communicate the value of what you do and connect you with the people who need to know about it.

The OSP Difference: Authentic Communication 

We communicate with others to connect. Meaningful connections develop when we’re authentic. On a practical level, meaningful connections can translate into growth, whatever “growth” means in your case: increased adoption of your technical solutions or services, stronger user communities, more contribution to your open source project, broader partner networks, or increased sales.  

When it comes to technical products and services, it can be hard to produce content that’s both compelling to read and technically accurate. We use our Authentic Communication Framework—built on the practical application of empathy, clarity, and trust—to create strategically relevant communications that are technically accurate and compelling to consume.

How we can help you

Improve your communication

The OSP Writing and Editing Guide is a comprehensive look at our approach to writing, including our processes, philosophy, and writing rules. We’ve collected and distilled all the information in it in the course of producing, editing, and consuming writing over the years. We refer to it every day and add to it frequently. 

We’ve also developed a quick start guide to get you up and running quickly, improving your writing straight away.

Create content and show you how

We facilitate practical workshops and content sprints and provide writer training. OSP can coach you and your teams, giving you the materials and tools to create authentic, authoritative content internally. We can also offer ongoing editorial and other support to keep you on track :-)

Content Sprint

Writer Enablement Workshop

Bring your organization closer together

Putting ourselves in our colleagues’ shoes and practicing good communication builds trust and great teams and products, resulting in more vital and productive organizations.

Empathy Building via Serious Play: Play a cooperative board game highlighting the value of empathy and improving your communication skills. 

We all have pressures, deadlines, needs, and priorities. Remembering to use empathy can be hard. It’s even harder when we’re in roles that have little to do with each other daily. Developer teams and marketing teams are classic examples of where poor communication and misunderstanding can lead to mistrust, blame, and mutual lack of respect. Despite everyone’s best intentions, this prevents individuals, teams, and organizations from realizing a vision and delivering value to customers and stakeholders … no matter how brilliant the strategy or technology might be.

Listen and learn

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Our podcast, Communicate, Connect, Grow, can help you be a more effective writer and editor, develop clearer strategic thinking, and hear some of our smart friends and peers … being smart!

We have episodes in three broad categories:

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